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By 2020 the Millennial generation—those between 22 and 38—will dominate the workforce. They’re also lower in trust, motivated differently, and for many—since technology has enabled them greater opportunity to bypass the tough stuff in person—lacking in tools to navigate difficult conversations and create meaningful in-person exchanges for positive outcomes. This impacts wellness, engagement, loyalty, and results.


This means while Millennials bring incredible skills of innovation, creativity, and purpose to their work, this disconnect is getting in their way of having the impact they want. It's also hurting organizations, with many expressing concern around churn, engagement and how to attract the best talent.


We help organisational leaders with what really motivates and builds trust with Millennials (and Gen Z), why digital intimacy has come at a price, and practical strategies to foster engagement and connection for better loyalty and fulfillment of purpose for all—with attention to growth and development, flexibility, compensation and mentoring frameworks.


Internationally recognised in November 2017 in New York - winning Gold at the International Stevie Women In Business Awards, we’re about supporting your people to work together for enhanced results - with KPIs of increasing engagement, reduced churn, better talent attraction and greater inclusivity across multi-generational teams. 


Typical problems we’re currently helping organisational leaders solve include:

- Millennial Strategy for increasing engagement and decreasing churn
- Growth & Development, plus Flexibility frameworks for Millenials & Gen Z
- Career Pathway Strategy – “future-fit" to engage younger generations

Holding a deep concern we’ve failed our digital native Millennials who lack vital tools for creating meaningful exchanges and managing difficult conversations, Kimberly firmly believes they’re looking for the pathway to creating strong results through others. But they need practical tools to generate trust and belonging – fundamental skills missed in favour of digital world intimacy - on top of which, to ensure they're not part of the 93% of Millennials who changed organisations the last time they changed roles (Gallup) or the 49% of Millennials who Deloitte notes are intending to quit their jobs within two years, we need to ensure their drivers (what's important to them) flows through to business strategy, with attention to growth and development, flexibility, compensation and mentoring frameworks.



International Stevie Women In Business Awards Gold Winner


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