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Kimberly Sumner is a Millennial and Gen Z Expert, and an Inclusive Leadership strategist with degrees in economics, political science and marketing (Berkeley and Chartered Institute Marketing, London), and with a background in investment analysis and funds management. In 2017 her consultancy business won gold at the International Stevie Business Awards in New York.


Having built a career supporting business leaders and organizations to manage their diverse teams and clients and, in particular, helping their Millennials and Gen Z to thrive by leveraging their unique drivers and skills, Sumner came to understand we’ve, in part, failed our younger workforce. In the process of creating digital world intimacy, many have missed out on the communication skills necessary to create meaningful in-person exchanges, and to manage difficult conversations—a huge gap for the loneliest generation on record.


In response, Kimberly founded STEPS Leadership, a program uniquely designed to help Millennials reach their full potential, and for organizations and business leaders to prosper through embracing greater generational inclusiveness—and in particular, to help them attract, retain and engage next-generation talent. Kimberly works with private and government organizations and also acts as the resident Millennial and Gen Z Expert for her home country’s national body in diversity.


As a sought-after and energetic keynote speaker to large audiences, and with regular appearances on national television, expert panels and in press interviews, Kimberly has developed a dedicated following of Millennials and senior business leaders. More recently, her two-minute LinkedIn Tips videos have built a strong Millennial following—increasing her real-time, daily insights into, and communication with, the generation she coaches.


A mum to 3 Gen Z teenagers, she is also a novice rower, rookie knitter, snowboarder and believes it takes a village to raise a leader. She enjoys the latest good restaurant with her husband and watching her sons play water-polo (while trying to watch her daughter play underwater hockey). She is very grateful for the village that has helped raise her children but is only just starting to get her head around 430 am starts for rowing.  Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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International Stevie Women In Business Awards Gold Winner


Kimberly Sumner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker



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