About Founder Kimberly Sumner

Founder Kimberly Sumner

Kimberly loves helping businesses grow sales cost effectively through digital advertising that makes good sense. Business owner, Mum to three and with degrees in economics, political science, and marketing (Berkeley and Chartered Institute of Marketing, London), she started her early career as an Investment analyst. Growing a business from the ground up, she values the importance of delivering more target clients in the most cost-effective way.


 “My skills were earned through sheer necessity of needing to pay the mortgage when I had big gaps in our family business where I was commercial manager, migrating to present day where we consistently bring in high numbers of clients per  week limited only in on our ability to service. All has been achieved on low digital advertising spend, making cost to target client acquisition extremely effective . These skills were then shared with other businesses who became clients. Importantly, these successes have continued across all covid lockdowns, where post each successive lockdown, new target clients numbers grew -- thus helping growth, profit and target clients for all businesses involved. I have also been an NZTE service provider, sought after business coach, NZ Diversity Works Facilitator, and in 2017 my consultancy business won gold at the International Stevie Awards in New York.”


Please contact us for support: goodsales@stepsleadership.com or Kimberly personally at kimberly@stepsleadership.com 

You can also Connect with Kimberly on LinkedIn


We look forward to being of service in supporting your business and higher sales!

P.s. What many don't know about Kimberly is her greatest fear overcome is free water diving with sharks, and she once spent 8 months backpacking from Ethiopia to South Africa (including two days sitting atop a cattle truck as that was the only ride going at the time). She is also a keen supporter of women in business and has provided much coaching/mentoring and many keynote talks in this space.


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