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Leading diverse teams is hard, and we get asked for help most around Inclusive Leadership  - across generation and gender.


The leaders we help have a need for better engagement, less churn (and less angst) across their teams, particularly from the perspective of engaging and retaining Millennials (and Gen Z) and providing a framework for robust and respectful conversations - internally and with clients. We use global best practice and neuroscience-based techniques to leverage people’s differences into a unifying strength.


We provide Inclusive Leadership Strategy to help you solve these problems:


- Millennial Strategy for increasing engagement and decreasing churn
- Career Pathway Strategy – making it "fit for purpose" to engage younger generations
- Knowledge Strategy - Capturing IP across workforce (incl. project closeouts) - better IP, "future fit", higher revenues

We present strategic Executive/ Senior Leadership & Boards - Leading Millennials (and Gen Z) for Greater Engagement & Trust. The "future of work" (new flexibility, utilising knowledge/skills of an older workforce, agile working environments, and new growth based career pathways) means Millennial (& Gen Z) Strategy is pressing and relevant to organisations seeking a competitive edge.



Internationally recognised in November 2017 - winning Gold at the International Stevie Women In Business Awards in New York, we’re about supporting people to work together for enhanced results, less churn, better engagement and greater teamwork, all while supporting diversity in leadership.  


In addition to Inclusive Leadership Strategy, on request, we can facilitate training to support your teams via 2 Hour - Half Day Team Workshop Solutions. These include Providing Feedback To Your Millennials For Greater Engagement & Retention, Best Ways For Robust Respectful Conversations With Your Clients & Team, Providing Feedback To Your Diverse Team For Greater Trust and Engagement. Deliverables include the planning, procedures and communication methods for better engagement, less churn, and enhanced performance across your diverse teams. 


Kimberly Sumner Leading Microsoft Workshop



Kimberly Sumner, Women In Property, Lead Like Women




International Stevie Women In Business Awards Gold Winner

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