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Helping You Lead Like A Woman

Oranges make great oranges, but lousy apples.  The women we work with are driven and talented, they want and are ready for their next challenging role in corporate yet the “alpha-male” way of doing things is not working for them and they’re struggling with how to lead like women.

As a woman in business, it can feel quite overwhelming to know you’ve got the skills but are not getting your value across in the way you want to. If you're challenged with any of the following:

  • “I’m struggling to get heard, recognised, and frankly, I don't like negotiating for myself that much…”

  • I'm not sure how to promote myself authentically, or communicate their value without coming across as "pushy"

  • "There's a promotion I want, I know I would do a great job, but I need help getting my value across, especially since recently I’ve noticed others less able than me getting promoted ahead of me”

Any of those sound familiar? If you are good at what you do, while equally needing help communicating your value for the senior roles you want, while doing business in ways that feel authentic to you as a woman, there is an easier path forward for you.

Interestingly, the research shows that coming across too aggressively at work as women (using traditional male strategies) backfire for women and when combined with what the neuroscience tells us, we know women face different challenges to men. Most women do not want to bang their fists on table or hustle or do win-lose negotiations, what they do want is the permission and know-how to authentically lead like women.

Here's the video on the research (where I share with Hayley Holt on TVNZ Breakfast) why women are 30% more likely to be labelled aggressive or pushy when they ask for what they want at work, or in their negotiations) *McKinsey/LeanIn 34,000 researched. 


Kimberly Sumner, STEPS Leadership for Women

WOMEN ONLY PROGRAMS - Course Modules & Workshops:


Alongside individual mentoring, we also provide bespoke women-only training programs to organisations and corporates to support professional women with confidence and communicating value so they can confidently step forward into new roles and leadership in ways that make sense for them as women. Our Stepping Forward Program supports organisations with key deliverables of increased confidence, engagement and retention in the women participants, with specific skill improvements in communication, resilience, teamwork and delivering value to clients.

Delivered by live-workshop (and online supported video materials), underpinned by gender neuroscience for enhanced results, the exact combination is bespoke tailored to organisation requirements and draws from the following modules. 


  • Stepping Forward When You Only Feel 50% Ready

  • How To Confidently Communicate In Team Meetings

  • Communicating Your Value So Others Can Hear It

  • How To Transform It "Not Going To Plan" Into Opportunity

  • Connecting With Champion Advocates

  • Asking For Help Without Sounding Incompetent

  • Turning Feedback Into Your Friend


Stepping Forward Helping Women



 Kimberly Sumner, Lean In Auckland

International Stevie Women In Business Awards Gold Winner

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